4 Ways Introverts can be Promoted through Office Parties

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The holidays are winding down and the many holiday parties have ended. What did you get out of it? Any good contacts? With the New Year coming up quickly, you may have decided that the time is right for you to explore your options for next year, but you are introverted and don't know the first thing about trying to sell yourself - even if you do know your stuff! There will be more office parties and employee bonding scenarios coming up in 2016, so it’s time to get ready.

So let's relax and think this through. You already know pretty much who is invited to the event.  Picture this: Several of those attending the event you have chosen to attend were tossing around hints at coffee break the other day that they could really use a "right-hand" man (or woman) to make them look good to their superiors.  Those happen to be your superiors as well, so you need to have a plan of action that will highlight you in a subtle yet profound way that helps those doors swing open wide for you and your talents.


Do your homework. A little sleuthing on your part can bring to light the exact qualities they are looking for in a new assistant. Do those qualities fit your persona?


Office break rooms can be a virtual hot bed for tidbits of information of past successes and failures.  What do you agree with or would you have done differently?  You could work those ideas into a casual conversation which will highlight your ingenuity at problem solving. It will show that you are not just paying attention to your job but the success of the company as well. It makes you a team player.


It is not a bad thing to have weaker attributes as long as you know how to implement a strategy for improving yourself, and communicate that effectively. Make a list of what work traits you consider a weakness, and write a short blurb explaining how you will present them in the best light. Example: "I have a tendency to over-extend myself but I have found that if I am diligent at prioritizing, I am more successful at accomplishing things in a timely manner.


Remember, you a solving a problem. Recognize what your desired department may be lacking and what you can do to fix it. Offering to solve one problem for free will show any employer that you are not only confident in your abilities to get things done, but it will give them a tidbit of your work ethic. You may not get an immediate response, however, you may secure an opportunity to strut your stuff in the future. It could pay off down the road.

This planned conversation strategy can open doors for you. Even though you may be introverted, it is not a difficult thing to hold a casual conversation. Turning the casual conversation into action will take more work, simply go after what you know you can do.  It is not arrogant or selfish to sell yourself.  Do what you can to pry that door open - sometimes it just takes a little extra pressure to ensure the opportunity.  Strategize ahead of time and then go with your game plan.  You will never know if you don't try! 




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