The Importance of Resumes in the LinkedIn Age

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Since the beginning, when man first donned ties and suitcases trekked from his cave abode and began the job search, the importance of a strong resume has gone without saying. One’s resume has always been the quickest way for prospective employees to gain a peek into the strengths and qualifications of different applicants. For a very long time, other than a person’s interviewing skills, a good resume was the key to gaining a job.

Now, in this modernized world that we live in where boundless information is never more than a click or a site away, things have gotten more complicated. For the prospecting professional in the twentieth century, social media and internet presence is not only a good way to market oneself as tech-savvy, but also an important and integral part of what employers look for in their new hires. And as most of the budding professionals that have had actual success in the job search know, LinkedIn is an important component.

The question now becomes which of the two between a well-crafted resume and a strong LinkedIn profile is more important?

The answer, which may surprise you, is both. The interconnectivity and instantaneous nature of LinkedIn are both great aspects of the site when used to find work, but in order to truly get the most out of the networking; one must have credentials and a profile that sets them apart from everyone else.

LinkedIn is a social networking site that connects hundreds of professionals and business-hopefuls to one another in a virtual space that fosters communication, collaboration, and the sharing of information. This virtual space, boasting a population of over 300 million, is by no means small.  Although LinkedIn provides its users with a search engine that is easily navigable and ensures that its users provide previous client reviews and recommendations in order for their profiles to be considered complete, it can be very hard to not become a small fish in a big sea.

With more than five billion professionally oriented searches done each year, the demand is there. So, then, what is standing in the way of landing that new position? It could be something as simple as the lack of a profile photo--LinkedIn automatically exiles faceless avatars to the bottom of most search results. It could be something for more complex like a previous bad review hanging over one’s head like a storm cloud, sending any other interested employers skittering off. With the help of a strong resume, showcasing the you that is functioning at your utmost capabilities, that new position can be yours, and more.

Throughout the years and the changes in technology and the job search, the importance of the resume hasn’t declined; it has just taken on a new form. In this day and age, a resume not only consists of a past list of jobs and accolades received. One must be sure that their resume and LinkedIn profile both work in tandem to display the you that is most efficient and desirable, allows prospective employers to find and learn more about you easily, and exhibits your internet presence.              




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