Private One-on-One Coaching Programs

For years I believed in the to-do list. You know, that long list of busy work that you work so hard to complete, only to feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. I had to abandon the to-do list to actually get things done.

I believe that with the right guidance, support, and strategy you can accomplish anything without being overwhelmed. A recent poll stated that two-thirds of people hate their jobs and are at a minimum, they are totally disengaged.

Life is too short to continue to walk around as a career zombie with no direction and no passion. Let’s change that! Finding the right career path is complicated. Buying a book or trolling websites won’t give you a blueprint to navigate your unique career roadblocks.

You need a clear plan that identifies what you want, your qualifications, what are the best ways to market your value.

As your coach, I will be your partner and cheerleader throughout the process to safeguard against common mishaps and derailments to your progress. 

My goal is to give you a plan that’s not only doable, but efficient. I cut through the noise to get to the root of your setbacks to devise a plan of attack that’s sustainable.

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Niya Allen-Vatel Career Coach

Branding in 30 Program (4 Sessions)

This program is for professionals looking to invent or reinvent their career brands.



About Your Coach:

Niya Allen-Vatel, NCRW, CCTC, CCM is a nationally certified résumé writer, career transition coach, talent expert, and owner of the premier résumé writing service, Career Global, based in New York City. Her career advice has been published in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Glassdoor, and Big Interview, and xoNecole to name a few. She holds 3 distinguished industry-based career certifications, Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC), Credentialed Career Manager (CCM), and is one of approximately 60 Nationally Certified Resume Writers (NCRWs).