For years I believed in the to-do list. You know, that long list of busy work that you work so hard to complete, only to feel like you’ve accomplished nothing. I had to abandon the to-do list to actually get things done.

I believe that with the right guidance, support, and strategy you can accomplish anything without being overwhelmed.

Think about this…

What if you ditched your to-do list of busy work in favor of a focused strategy to get you to your end career or business goal?

What if you could accelerate your progress in weeks rather than months or years?

If you’re looking for personalized, one-on-one support to give you that much needed kick in the butt, then the 4-week Career Global coaching jumpstart is for YOU!

My goal is to give you a plan that’s not only doable, but efficient. I cut through the noise to get to the root of your setbacks to devise a plan of attack that’s sustainable.

Our sessions will progress through 4 phases: Clarity, Strategy, Tools, and a Sustainable Action Plan for you to adapt and continue to implement once our sessions are over.

** If you would like to continue with coaching at the end of the program, you will be given a reduced hourly rate when booking.


Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Career Coach

Custom Timeline & Schedule

Once goals and priorities are established for the four 45-minute sessions. We will determine the most efficient timeline and schedule to safeguard against you losing momentum and wasting time on tasks not relevant to the final outcome.

Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer

Homework Assignments

 The  assignments will need to be completed on your own before future sessions can be scheduled, and will not only ensure we stay on track, but that we maximize our time together.

Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Career Coach

Private Mastermind

I will be your private sounding board to brainstorm ideas, bring strategic focus to your goals, and create a plan of execution. Streamlining your ideas and thought process is essential to our collaborative relationship and final outcome. 

Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer


So, where are you going to put all of your assignments, session notes, and brand plan? In your new digital briefcase, of course. I will create a digital Google drive folder to hold all of the materials from our work together. 

In reality, I can only take on a LIMITED amount of clients, so if you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to secure your spot. Finding the right coach can be a daunting process, so I’ve made it easy for you.

Click your desired coaching program below for more information and to submit your application to schedule your consultation.

Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Transition, or Interview Coaching


Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer

Thought Leadership Track

Do you have a shiny new career branding toolkit and marketing tools, but still need guidance on how to use them effectively? 

If you’ve made the investment in your career brand, the last thing you want is to not make the progress you anticipated.

The work doesn’t stop when the résumé is written. 

That’s when the real work begins. If your goal is to be seen as a thought leader in your industry, then it's time to create a customized plan to get there.

Based on your industry, we will develop a road map of success by setting strategic tasks, deadlines, and timelines to ensure you stay on track and motivated.

A 30/60/90-day plan will be created for you to implement on your own.


Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer

Entrepreneurship Track

Do you have a business or business idea that’s stuck and you need a little push?

“I have so many ideas and it’s all too overwhelming.”

“There’s already too many people doing what I’m doing. It’s is daunting.”

"I've been working so hard, but I'm not making any progress!"

What if you could shift your thinking?

Being an entrepreneur is hard, but doing it alone is even harder. It’s time to shift your thinking, get focused, and clearly define your business goals. We will examine the state of your business and where we want it to go within a time frame that’s realistic.

A 30/60/90-day plan will be created for you to implement on your own.


Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer

Career Transition Track

Do you desire to make a transition from your current career?

Current career got you down? A recent poll stated that two-thirds of people hate their jobs and are at a minimum, they are totally disengaged.

Life is too short to continue to walk around as a career zombie with no direction and no passion. Let’s change that! Finding the right career path is complicated. Buying a book or trolling websites won’t give you a blueprint to navigate your unique career roadblocks.

You need a clear plan that identifies what you want, your qualifications, what are the best ways to market your value.

As your coach, I will be your partner and cheerleader throughout the process to safeguard against common mishaps and derailments to your progress. 


Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer

Interview Coaching Track

Have you ever went into an interview confident and believed you nailed it, but a job offer never came?

You're not alone. 81% of interviewees fail to receive a job offer.   Why is that? Lack of confidence and preparation. Let’s face it, most people hate interviewing. The interview process can be a daunting process no matter how ready you think you are.

I will help you:

★ Prepare the right answers to pressing interview questions in lightning speed.

★ Gain insight into the interview lifecycle to prepare you for what’s coming next

★  Know how to craft your elevator pitch to immediately communicate your brand value and industry expertise

And much more!