Niya Allen-Vatel Career Clarity Coach
Niya Allen-Vatel Career Clarity Course

We've all been in a position where we were overworked, underpaid, and confused about what was the RIGHT career option!

I have learned that there are 2 things you need to build a six-figure career: CLARITY and STRATEGY. 

How would you feel if your head wasn't filled with many career options, if you were on the RIGHT career trajectory, you weren't undervalued, and you actually LOVED what you did for a living? 

On average, during our lifetime we will spend more than 90,000 hours working, and even with an amazing paycheck, your goal in life probably isn’t to spend those hours miserable, repeating the same day over and over again.

So how do you begin to gain career clarity and identify what you’re meant to do, versus what you have to do?

In this self-paced 4-module mini-course you will learn how to find the career clarity you need to stop wasting time in a position that is beneath your potential, elevate your earning potential, accelerate your job search, gain overall career fulfillment, and build a strategy to start a side hustle (if you do!).

Niya Allen-Vatel Career Clarity Course

You will receive 4 PDFs to work from + 1 bonus module if you're interested in going the extra mile!

As soon as you enroll the content is yours!


First things first. Before completing any of the other assignments, it’s important to identify your WHY. Once you find career clarity, then what? This Q & A session will allow you to dig a bit deeper and give you a jumpstart to maximize the materials.  

You Will:

Learn how to no longer be confused about your WHY

Unearth your unique vision for your future

Identify the barriers to your dream job and/or transition


It’s important to be specific about what you’re looking for. What are the most important aspects you require in a career path or position? Why is this important? You need to paint a picture. When you’ve painted your picture, you can avoid entertaining opportunities that don’t measure up or meet your new standards and vision.

You Will:

Understand  what you truly want out of life and your career

Reinvigorate the dreams you thought were dead

Hold yourself accountable to this vision throughout the course and beyond


Change your mindset about the current state of your work life. It's easy to say, "I hate everything about my job!", but is that really true? While it may not be exactly your cup of tea, there's always a silver lining and believe it or not, what you're utilizing and learning on a daily basis will help push you forward.

You Will:

Analyze and evaluate even the most mundane tasks 

Understand how everyday skills, tasks, and highlights fit together to build a clear roadmap


It’s time to put some action behind all that planning and translate your skills into actual roles brainstorming a potential career roadmap around it. Everything you've done up until this point doesn't mean anything if you're not able to implement to get a return on your investment.

You Will:

Pinpoint exactly what you need to do step-by-step to make your transition happen

Be able to take action from the moment your roadmap is complete

Stay on track no matter what


It’s possible that when you complete this course you may discover that your dream job doesn’t exist. It happens all the time! What can you do? Explore how you could create your own lane or niche by going out on your own — one that makes sense for this stage of your journey.

You Will:

Map out your product/service offerings

Build your ideal customer avatar and target market

 Construct a sales strategy

Research the best platforms to build your online presence

Not sure if this mini-course is right for you? Reach out to me at info@careerglobal.co with questions!

A BIT MORE ABOUT ME (in case you didn't know already!)

Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer

Hi, I'm Niya! 3x-certified résumé writer, career transition coach, and brand strategist. I help ambitious leaders build their career brands to boost credibility, increase opportunities, and establish themselves as an expert in their niche.

I'm a California girl navigating the concrete jungle of New York City.  I hate mice and rats, so I married an exterminator. Not on purpose, but it's a great benefit. Oh, and I never met a cookie I didn't like. 



I created this course with accessibility in mind regardless of your professional level. Whether you're a new graduate in the beginning stages of figuring it out or an experienced professional looking to breathe life back in your work. 

The total value of this mini-course is $899 if I were to coach you one-on-one in the same foundational principals, but you can receive immediate access TODAY!

Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer


Career Global Certified Resume Writer Career Clarity Course
Niya Allen Vatel Career Clarity Course
Hiring Niya was the best career decision I ever made! What sets her apart from others is that she actually took time the time to get to know me. She attentively listened to my goals, and worked tirelessly to develop a customized plan of action. You can easily tell that Niya puts her clients first, and spares nothing to make sure they have every tool necessary to get the job of their dreams.
— Juan Fernandez
I came across her profile and immediately felt most connected to her experience, personality and writing style. She is an exceptional listener and understood my needs and effectively implemented them with beautiful results. She always maintained a high level of professionalism, positive attitude and unlimited support and guidance whenever needed.
— Michele Fernandez
I was referred to Niya through a friend and I was nervous about the financial investment, but it was definitely worth it! Within 2 weeks of her finishing my cover letter and résumé, my phone was ringing nonstop and I accepted a position at my dream job. Don’t hesitate to hire Niya. She will take your professional package to the next level!
— Dominique Alexander
Working with Niya was beneficial for my overall career health. I didn’t realize how much needed to be done in order to show all the accomplishments that I had. Niya gave me some thought provoking advice, showed me tutorials on how to get things done myself, and made me more self-aware of what I brought to the table.
— LaKeisha Bigbee

Niya Allen-Vatel Career Clarity Course

This course is for every indecisive and confused professional who have no idea how to bridge the gap between their skills, talents, and desires to impact their day-to-day work lives.

If you are like I was when I was building my career in corporate america, you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, right?

I couldn’t understand what I’d done wrong. Why wasn’t I reaching the level of my former classmates and colleagues? What was the problem? I had the education, talent, and experience — just not the paycheck or recognition. I felt stuck in a job I hated with no clue how to get out. 

It took years for me to get the clarity I needed to make the right strategic moves instead of hoping I landed at the right place at the right time. I was in a constant state of fear thinking, "What if this...what if that?" I made the mistakes YOU don't have to. 

Can you relate to my struggles?

If yes, then the Career Clarity Lab is for you!

Niya Allen-Vatel Career Clarity Course

Q | Is this mini-course timed? I don't want to fell rushed to get through it.

A | You don't have to worry about that! Once purchased, the content is yours! You can work at your own pace. The journey is different for everyone and I made sure that you will never feel rushed.

Q | What's included in the one-on-one coaching session?

A | The one-hour one-on-one session is scheduled post-completion of the modules. I will review your module assignments and will review the roadmap you completed. We will discuss in-depth customized strategies and resources to solidify course concepts.

Q | My niche is very and desired position is very unique, will this work for me?

A | Regardless of your industry and position, this mini-course will benefit you. Why? Because it's adaptable. I don't give you the answers, I provide the guide and you fill in the blanks. 

Q | What if I get stuck and have questions, am I on my own?

A | Oh no! If ever you get stuck, I'm here. Send an email to info@careerglobal.co and I'll do my best to steer you in the right direction. 

Q | Do you offer refunds?

A | Due to the nature of the digital product, I am unable to offer refunds. With that being said, I want to make sure you are 100% confident before you purchase. If you have any questions before you purchase, please email us at info@careerglobal.co.