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Hi, I'm Niya and thanks for visiting my page! I've been called a résumé ninja, a résumé storyteller, a brand builder, and even a brand wizard to name a few, but the bottom line is that I'm a 3x-certified résumé writer, career transition coach, and brand strategist.

My mission is to help ambitious leaders build their career brands to boost credibility, increase opportunities, and establish themselves as an expert in their niche.

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... having the choice between six-figure career opportunities that provide you with the perks and fulfillment you desire? Waking up every morning loving what you do? Well, it's possible! 

You’re here because you’re long overdue for a career breakthrough, right? Well, it’s time to accelerate your progress and see results with the


I believe in empowering business leaders to do what they love and show them how to leverage their career story to build a six-figure résumé brand package and position themselves as experts in their industry.


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Niya Allen-Vatel Certified Resume Writer
Career Global Certified Resume Writing Service
Career Global Certified Resume Writing Service



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