Niya's not your average speaker, and here's why:

Niya Allen-Vatel’s credentials include one wacky grandmother, a stint in foster care, two-time high school dropout, and career schizophrenia which caused her to leave every job before a year after college. It was her writing talent, however, that would make her a top résumé writing and career coach, when she utilized her creative writing talents to rewrite a friend’s résumé. Go figure! Over the next few years, she’d create a successful business from that one simple request.

Niya is the author of Feel Fierce + Get Hired Interview Prep Guide and Journal and GET THE JOB: Writing Secrets of a Professional Résumé Writer, which was born out of her desire to serve the many job seekers that can’t afford to work with a professional writer. In it, Niya shares the many résumé concepts that can be confusing when writing about yourself, making it easier to build a winning résumé one line at a time. In 2017, Niya’s entrepreneurial spirit prompted her to take her winning career guides and turn them into fun interactive workshops and seminars for job seekers around the country.

She is a regular contributor to top career outlets such as Forbes, Big Interview, Ms. Career Girl. As a speaker, Niya brings her experience and infectious energy to every person she meets. Inspirational, motivational and sometimes shocking, Niya Allen-Vatel’s tell-it-like-it-is attitude is a refreshing approach to success and business.

Presentations and workshops can be customized or adjusted to reflect your needs, mixed gender audiences, and professional levels.

Topics Include:

** Executing winning résumé writing strategies based on the book, GET THE JOB: Writing Secrets of a Professional Résumé Writer.

** Executing winning interview strategies based on the book, Feel Fierce + Get Hired Interview Prep Guide and Journal.

** Be Seen, Hired, and Paid What You're Worth workshop - a combination of résumé writing, mock interview techniques, salary negotiation, and learn what to do once you're hired to navigate the corporate ladder. 

** Career Transitions

** Salary Negotiation

** Finding Your Purposeful Career

** How to Become a LinkedIn All-Star

** Transitioning from Corporate America to Full-Time Entrepreneurship

Atmospheres Include:

** Career/Workforce Centers

** College Campuses

** Conferences (Keynotes, General and Breakout Sessions)

** Seminars/Panelist/Facilitator 

** Networking Events

* Tele-Seminar Guest

** On-site Career Coach

** Webinars/Periscopes/Twitter Chats/Hangouts

** Women’s Groups

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